GoPro Hero 5 Black

It has been briefly 2 months after the brand new GoPro Hero 5 Black was released on the market. Coming in the trend, holding the title of “The Best GoPro Camera in Years”, it captures a huge interest from adventurers all over the world easily. With its new design; sleek black body and one button to rule it all.

If you are an extreme sports fan or you love recording outdoor activities, one common result you must have encountered while searching for the best action camera to use would be the GoPro brand. You must have quickly realized that there are few cameras with the ability or capacity to record crystal clear audio-visual like GoPro cameras. This is because the parent company has made quality their main focus point when producing cameras. GoPro currently boasts of a range of cameras all in HD, and recently, they built on the success of the previous version to launch their new flagship device called the GoPro Hero 5 Black.



The GoPro Hero 5 Black Camera is a next generation durable, waterproof camera that can produce high-quality outdoor video footage without much assistance from the user. The user mounts the GoPro Hero 5 camera on his/her surfboard, helmet or ski pole, presses the record button, and the GoPro Hero 5 does the rest!


  1. Shoots at Ultra High Quality 4000/30fps video recording.
  2. It supports WDR/RAW photo format.
  3. It possesses stereo microphone.
  4. Comes with a 12MP Image Sensor.
  5. Includes a 2-inch touchscreen at the rear.
  6. Possess an electronic video stability system.
  7. Waterproof ability up to 10M.
  8. Supports GPS and Voice Commands.
  9. Automatically stores and uploads media to the cloud.


The few cons which I noticed, however, was that the battery ran out quickly while shooting under cold environmental conditions. A paltry 45mins and your battery would run out. However, it could be resurrected when it becomes a bit warm. Still, the problem with its battery lies as the hours it is functional are rather short; that is to say about 2 hours at best. Without a proper adapter, there is no support to its external mic as well. Some of old accessories from previous GoPro cameras are not useable with GoPro Hero 5 Black. This makes it pricier to purchase extra accessories.


Aside from that, the GoPro Hero 5 Black is what every Jack and Jill needs to film their next extreme outdoor adventure. It is still the best GoPro camera so far, with 4k video recording which will just take your breath away. And let’s be honest; the battery issue has always been there. But with new and outstanding recording quality, along with amazing functions which support photography perfectly, and that bits of GPS function that was designed just for a wanderlust all over the world, it is still worth it.