What makes the Apple AirPods so special?

So you’ve heard about the AirPods, right? I hope you do. Because in September, 2016 (Yes, that was only a few months ago), Apple has announced their new products as usual. Among all the cool stuffs, is this weird looking earphones. Why is it weird, you ask? Well, it is wireless. But not just any wireless or Bluetooth earphones you have seen on the market before, because Apple is keeping its original design. With this idea, it was not hard to wow the audiences from all over the world.

And you’re wondering whether they’re worth that expensive $159 price tag.

You don’t have to risk your money to know whether they’re for you - Let me do that instead.

Let’s start the review with some pros and cons of the AirPods:


  • Fit in most ears well - if you’ve ever tried the Apple EarPods, you know whether the AirPods will fit into your ears. The ‘in-the-ear’ part is pretty much the same - if EarPods fit, the AirPods will fit you too.
  • Surprisingly - they don’t fall out of your ears easily. The reason EarPods fall out is almost always because of the cord pulling on them. No cord - no problem.
  • Excellent battery life. With 5 hours of continuous play, you won’t need to charge often. And when you do - a quick 10-15 minutes in the included box will give you an extra 2-3 hours of playback.
  • Sound Quality - If you like how the EarPods sound, you’ll love that the AirPods sound even better. But if you’re an audiophile, you should stick with some wired headphones.
  • Sync across all your devices - unlike with normal bluetooth devices, you can switch between all your Apple devices seamlessly. This makes it very convenient. It even works on the apple watch!


  • One size fits all - If EarPods don’t fit your ears, you’re out of luck. There are some accessories available to make the AirPods slightly bigger, so you could try it with those.
  • The price. At $159, these are not a small expense. They are in a similar price range to other completely wireless earbuds, but unless you need them - just stick with the EarPods.

All in all, these are great earbuds for their price. If you like the EarPods, you’ll love the Airpods.

No more tangled or broken wires. The wire isn’t going to get pulled by a doorknob while you walk by.

And the best part - they work on ALL your Apple devices. Now that the iPhone removed the headphone jack, this is the new audio standard for all your Apple devices.

So, if you don’t mind shelling out $159 for them, and they fit in your ears well - you should really consider getting them. They’ll be your new favorite headphones that you can wear pretty much anywhere.