Nike Air Max 97

Re-launched on 14th December 2016, Nike Air Max 97 is nothing like a normal looking pair of shoes. Yes, you read it correctly. It is called the ‘silver bullet’ due to two reasons. One being it has a shiny silver reflecting color, the other one being it is an incredible piece of design that instantly reminds you of high-speed bullet trains. With its so-called futuristic design, the product was an instant favorite when it was released some twenty years back. It took the entire sneaker wearing world by storm at that time. The big question that arises is if it would still be loved that much? Let’s explore the answer in the review below.

First look at the shoe and you will wonder, what a horrendous looking pair is it. But the reality is, the designers at Nike have not been lazy at all when it has come to the designing of Air Max 97. The looks uniquely reflect the modern era of technology in which we live and the metallic finish sets it a class apart from any of the previous range of Air Max shoes. With the kind of materials used, the quality is immaculate. Nothing about the shoes looks cheap. The full-length air sole unit leaves the shoes extremely breathable at the least. The top of the shoe is made of wire mesh and stripes of silver leather. The shoe has small red-colored Nike logos on the tongue, both the sides and the back, certainly giving it a classy look. So AM 97 has been designed and made in a way that has all the features of a good shoe. It is classy, very comfortable to wear, breathable and gives the entire feel of a great pair.


This flashy design might no more suit everyone’s taste. When it comes to their sneakers, many people no longer prefer the retro look and not willing to try out anything that stands out.  Moreover, the pearl silver color that shines brightly is no more liked by the masses. With so many affordable options now available in the market, these sneakers are a tad steep at a price of around $175. Furthermore, what is a thing of the past remains the same way. A design that has been introduced years back cannot lure the consumers in a similar way that it did in time back then. Something which the users have already experienced tend to remain that way and the novelty factor disappears from such things. They say ‘All that glitters is not gold’ and this shoe certainly glitters at the least.

The Air Max Nike range of shoes is reminiscent of the Pop culture and this particular Air Max 97 model does complete justice to the theme. Relaunching it might dilute the uniqueness associated with it but, at the same time, it reinvents a much loved design and plays on the people’s craze and sentiments associated with it. With a huge demand that there is for these shoes, it seems that people still have feelings for their crush and are willing to spend time again with them.


So if you are someone, who would want to experience a high-quality shoe with a unique design released back in the 1997, certainly go for it. Or, if you are someone, who have moved on and no longer prefer it, there are several other options available at a much better price.